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When it comes to jollof rice, be it Nigerian jollof rice, Ghanaian jollof rice or cameroon jollof rice, all that matters is taste . – salt to taste + MY FIRST EVER INVESTMENT | Flo Chinyere, 40 years old, stuck in the U.K with imposed babysitting job…, SPECIAL JOLLOF RICE + PEPPERED TURKEY WINGS | Flo Chinyere, Steamed Stuffed Cockerels / كوكلي محشي على…, End Sars Protest in London against Corruption…, Jollof Rice recipe – authentic party jollof…, CALF LIVER MISHKAKI WITH SPICY TAMARIND SAUCE…, Steamed Stuffed Cockerels / كوكلي محشي على البخار – CookingWithAlia – Episode 825, How To Prepare Meat Balls And Plantain On Sticks, End Sars Protest in London against Corruption in Nigeria,…,…. Mixed Vegetables Jollof Rice [Video] The following are other variations of Jollof Rice: – 3 teaspoons thyme Why not try something different for dinner by adding just 2 well-known vegetables? So make sure you follow the recipe as it is and when you nail it, you can go ahead and make different variations. It is a very common practise to parboil the rice before use in making any Nigwrian rice recipe( I do it sometimes too), but rinsing the rise repeatedly also works fine too. – 1 1/2 cups vegetable oil(375ml) Breadfruit bubbling - November 28, 2018 How do I level up as a Man after blowing through £90,000? – 2 thumbs ginger – Nigerian Crunchy Buns – easy nigerian buns recipe – Plantain Puff Puff- sweet spicy Ripe Plantain puff puff (plantain buñuelos de platano) – 3 teaspoons black pepper – Nigerian Sausage Rolls – Nigerian Fish rolls Jollof rice is a winner anytime. – 5 garlic cloves – 3 bay leaves – 6 bell peppers(tatashe) For basmati rice, I highly recommend the sellar brand. – half of a medium onion (chopped) – Easy Tasty OVEN GRILLED (roasted) FISH with Veggie sauce Here are the ingredients for this Nigerian party jollof rice – 2 scotch bonnet(hot) peppers – 3 spoonful of butter/margarine for extra flavor (optional) Other Recipes You Might Like CHICKEN PEPPER SOUP RECIPE | Nigerian Food Recipes - November 29, 2018 [EN] Almond Mhencha / محنشة باللوز – CookingWithAlia – Episode 693 - November 29, 2018; How to make Carrot cake at Home - November 29, 2018; Ukwa! A base of tomatoes, onions, and peppers gives it its delicious flavors, enhanced with a special Jollof spice blend. A tasty jollof rice can also be achieved using less spices. This no-fail recipe is all you need if you’re looking for that smokey party jollof rice to win your everyone over. – 400 gr tomato paste But feel free to use any method you desire to prepare jollof rice or any rice recipe. – 5 cubes chicken seasoning • How to gain weight at the right places for skinny people, •How to Bake Cake in A Pot Without An Oven, •Easy Condensed Milk Toffee (simply irresistible), • Homemade Samosa Wrappers ( Samosa dough), • Skin Glowing Smoothie : Clear Even Toned and Brighter SkiN, You might also like these related recipes – 2 kg (about 10 cups) medium or long grain rice – onion and tomato slices (for garnish). – about 6 to 8 cups chicken stock(depending on the type of rice you’re using) As for the spices and seasoning used in this party jollof rice, also feel free to add or remove from the list above. – 3 teaspoons curry – 2 teaspoons smoked paprika – The best Peppered snail sauce Other varieties of Nigerian jollof rice are nigerian jollof rice recipe with chicken,nigerian jollof rice with beef, nigerian jollof rice with goat meat, nigerian vegan jollof rice and a lot more. – Asun goatmeat sauce recipe One Pot Penne Pasta Greek Style / معكرونة في وعاء واحد على الطريقة اليونانية – CWA – Episode 824, I Brought him to the UK, 12 years later he got £80,000 inheritance and this happened…, MBATATA ZA KI JERUMANI ( KWA CHAI YA ASUBUHI), Strength from Abroad: The Economic Power of Nigeria’s Diaspora, WHY DO YOU INVEST? This Nigerian food is very similar to the basic Nigerian Jollof Rice. But it looks better and has a slightly different aroma and taste to it due to the added vegetables. – Nigerian Suya, Copyright free music from Youtube Audio Library, #jollof #jollofrice #nigerianjollofrice #rice #nigerianrice #recipe #liliannke, #Kenya: Uhuru urges Kisii bodaboda riders to stop insulting Interior CS Fred Matiang’i…, #SouthAfrica: The Zondo Commission continues to hear Transnet-related evidence…, #SouthAfrica: Clover workers march to company HQ…, #Uganda: Political parties funding…, #Uganda: COVID 19 Taskforce…, How To Prepare Meat Balls And Plantain On Sticks Something different And ex, Support my Channel: https://www.paypal.m, Donation link: ❤ Find me on other Soc, CHICKEN PEPPER SOUP RECIPE | Nigerian Food Recipes, [EN] Almond Mhencha / محنشة باللوز – CookingWithAlia – Episode 693, Abacha Mmiri Bobozi & Let’s Talk About Cyanide Poisoning | All Nigerian Recipes, How to cook Quick and Tasty Chicken Liver, OVEN BAKED MACKEREL FISH RECIPE | Nigerian Food Recipes. – 1 medium onion Jollof Rice is made with long-grained rice (typically parboiled but we have a few other options listed below). – Nigerian puff puff – Easy authentic recipe (Bofrot) Quick notes: Jollof rice can be prepared using both parboiled medium grain rice or long grain white rice like basmati. – 4 roma tomatoes

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