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house sitting guidelines

Once you arrive on-board, as well as cuddling your new crew and admiring the view over a welcome glass of grog, put your captain’s hat on for a time and work out what could go wrong. From milk delivery timings to your pet’s emergency contact details, it’s a comprehensive document detailing everything your sitter needs to know to seamlessly step into your shoes. Many Sitters Housesit Internationally to save on travel costs. If you don’t have breakdown cover then the number of a mechanic close to the property. Remember, owners must make sure sitters are welcomed into a clean home. Make sure you have all the information you need from the homeowner before they sail off into the sunset. 16 August 2019. A successful sit starts with a great handover, in which you settle your sitter in and make sure they have everything they need. Once you’ve returned home to your happy pet, there are a few final steps to take: 1. Whether it is something that happens to the pets, the house, or even you. No reason to request sporadic visits to care for your home and pets. FREE membership is extended to homeowners. This will mean you need to set your start date to the day before you depart, and then detail this in your listing. A sitter gaining the sniff of approval from a new pet friend. The following guidelines are here to help you and your pet sitter arrange a safe and successful sit so you can travel with true peace of mind. Sophie Main.

A free community resource for house sitters and pet owners. Learn how to describe the property’s location or a place where you can meet people to bring them to the property. For many owners, this means receiving updates and pictures of what their pet is getting up to, helping them feel close no matter where they are in the world. Also even for long term sits, the house also needs to be heated so that the pipes won't freeze - so a shared arrangement should be considered even for long term sits.

A couple of years ago I finally got around to obtaining my RYA Day Skipper qualification. We will circulate it to Matching Housesitters, who are interested in your Location; Timing; Housesit Term(duration); and Pet Care preferences, We will forward application to you for your consideration (please respond to all applicants), This is a more efficient process, as only available, interested and motivated house sitters will respond). If your arrangement will be 12 months or more in duration, you might consider allocating all or a portion of the recurring bills to the house sitter. The posters are definitely calling their charges utilities, not rent. As At Sea, So On Land. Relocated and want to become familiar with the area before deciding on a certain neighborhood. Familiarize yourself with the location and operation of the controls and emergency shut off mechanisms for electricity, gas and water. Securely Matching Homeowner with House Sitters Across United States, and Around the World. They are all different and some countries have different numbers for the different services, instead of one number for all. To help you through this important part of the process, here are three tried and trusted tips: While it may be tempting to accept the first person that applies to your sit, remember that it’s all about finding the perfect person to care for your pet — so don’t rush. People who desire a change of scenery, for example, or save for homes of their own. But at the end of the day it’s better to be over prepared for a disaster that doesn’t happen, than to be ill-prepared for one that does. Are there windows that leak in heavy rain? You can be a good captain to your crew and be able to deal with any situation that arises after the homeowner sets sail. Please note: owners and sitters are asked to confirm the sit individually, to ensure both parties are committed to the sit. The house also needs to be heated so that the pipes won't freeze. You must put any agreement on utility sharing in the housesitting agreement! Accept total responsibility of caring for your home, pets, yard, gardens, and pool areas. This is the spirit of our site, and our guideline. Check the contents and replace anything that is missing or out of date. It is your responsibility to clearly explain your criteria to potential house sitters and agree to the terms in a written contract.Every situation is unique; however, we have included the accepted standards of a general contract for your review. ... such as phone rental, rates, condo association fees, body corporate fees, strata fees,  local council rates, water, sewer, cable TV rental, security services, ISP rental, or property taxes remain the responsibility of the owner. Find out what the procedure is in the event of an accident. The homeowner may at their discretion, ask for a deposit equivalent to the amount you would collect as two weeks rent. Your listing should include plenty of information about the place they’ll be staying, along with accurate photos. They May select Dogs, but not Cats due to cat allergies, Upload Photos, References and Police Clearances. If using the homeowner’s car, have them show you that the insurance, tax and any vehicle inspection certificates.

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