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josh feldman gold miner

The brothers sure hope so as they venture across the west in search of hidden treasures. Required fields are marked *. © Copyright 2017. Last season was almost a total bust. 'Ice Cold Gold': Miners Try to Strike it Rich in Greenland, National security officials: Iran, Russia have obtained voter registration data, Trump's Operation Warp Speed adviser says all Americans could be immunized by June, Russia, Iran have obtained voter data in election interference campaign: DNI, Giuliani shown in hotel bedroom scene in new ‘Borat’ film. Aside from blood, these commonalities have kept them together and bonded them as brothers. What is it like to discover a new dinosaur? Stars: Jesse Feldman, Josh Feldman, Sam Bearpaw, Jerry Bestpitch. For these three men, Greenland is a world away from home. The new Travel Channel Series “Lost Gold“, premiering on January 14th follows the boys as they seek out Arizona’s most fabled missing treasures through legends and clues across the vast American Frontier. The treasure hunt’s are rooted in history as they comb through the American frontier for old maps, diaries, records and speak to locals that behold key knowledge of the area. When asked if mining one of the last pristine spots on Earth inevitable means destroying it, Josh insisted It can be done responsibly and that Greenland has enacted the necessary safeguards. But despite what they went through to discover the "red zone," the men said they can't wait to go back. For these three men, Greenland is … My sons Josh and Jesse Feldman are Arizona cowboys, gold miners, prospectors and treasure hunters. Here, the Feldmans preview whether they'll go boom or bust. All Rights Reserved. "It's none of your business," Jesse said, jokingly. "The 'red zone' is spectacular rubies, you cannot find something like that," said Josh Feldman, one of the miners featured on the show. Sales of the precious metal also fell to … "That's the one thing we have, where those rubies are and how much. Indestructible jaws from ancient, extinct porcupine fish reveal new species. Well before we were born, our dad came to Arizona in search of the Lost Dutchman, a legendary lost gold mine believed to be in the Superstition Mountains, and we grew up in that treasure-seeking culture. The two history buffs not only hunt for lost lost and hidden mines, but travel back in time to uncover mysteries that are centuries old! Western Australia’s leading gold miner Northern Star last week announced its $16 billion merger with Saracen Mineral Holdings, its joint venture partner at Kalgoorlie’s iconic Super Pit. Come to The Lost Dutchman Anniversary Event Saturday, October 28th @ 6:00pm,, Sneak Peek: David H. Koch Hall of Fossils, Helicopter cockroach moms have protected their young for millions of years. Team Feldman really needs to find gold so they don't end their time in Greenland on a negative note. Brothers Josh and Jesse Feldman head into the rugged desert of southeast Arizona to track the history of a legendary Apache chief said to have buried two strongboxes of gold somewhere in the region's imposing mountains. How to cut, saw, polish and finish rocks! The second season, airing now on Thursdays at 10 p.m. You're trying to stay alive," Schoose said. Campbell will also executive-produce the series, expected to debut in Summer 2019. "Complete opposite worlds," Jesse said. "When you're up there, you're trying to stay warm. The sibling prospectors from Arizona have scoured the mountains of the American West for lost gold … I mean you're freezing, wondering if you're going to make it," Josh added. Each miner has his own ideas for striking it rich, and there is complete disarray from the get go as Americo DiSantis, John Self, Jesse Feldman, Josh Feldman, Zach “Gator” Schoose, Chad Watkins and team leader Eric Drummond set foot upon the ice and brave this arctic danger zone once again. Josh: When it comes to treasure hunting, you absolutely have to be able to trust your partner, and we have that. But it isn't the treasure itself that really attracts us. Because if the legends about lost loot were correct, it would've been found by now. Only the truth leads to the treasures. “It’s not just gold coming out of the ground. I invite our rock hound community to tune into the show for many reasons: family history steeped in lost mines, buried gold and Old West lore but also to discover our beloved Superstition Mountains. Learn Quest's dos & don'ts for visits abroad. "You're 37 days, nights in a tent on top of the world, you have nobody else to talk to except a bunch of guys. "Nightline" caught up with Josh Feldman, his brother Jesse, and their friend Zach "Gator" Schoose at their century-old gold mine in an old Arizona boomtown. My sons Josh and Jesse Feldman are Arizona cowboys, gold miners, prospectors and treasure hunters. “We have pulled the truth out of the legend, and we’ve pulled the truth from history,” adds Josh Feldman. How do you attempt to locate something that's eluded discovery for 100-plus years? "Gold's a funny thing. What made you develop a taste for this line of work? Dangerous waters just might prevent them from getting to their next stop. Gold output at the Migori mine stood at 569 ounces in the three months ended March, down from 1,241 ounces a year earlier. All three refused to say how much gold, rubies or other precious stones they had found at home or abroad. he said. ... Josh and Jesse are dissatisfied with Eric's choice to continue to Cloud Island and they want to continue onward. Keep up with your favorite shows... delivered to your inbox! Before you go out on a search, you have to be well informed and do your research. The Travel Channel show brings viewers to places unknown. ", The prospecting process in Arizona is the same as in Greenland, but the hardships in Arizona are nothing like what they encountered in Greenland for "Ice Cold Gold.". That's why Josh and Jesse Feldman are hot on the trail of the truth, digging for clues as they search for America's most fabled missing treasures. Or at least that's what brothers Josh and Jesse Feldman are hoping. Votes: 40 Discover Rare New Goodies, Better Than Halloween Candy! The group set up camp for two months on an uninhabited island to determine how many rubies were in the "red zone," how to extract them and what else might be there, but the miners were not quite prepared for the unpredictable weather. The trail to Milton Sharp's loot had so many twists and turns! "But it's a challenge, and I think we all love that challenge. What qualities do each of you bring to your partnership? The new reality series Lost Gold follows the … Jesse: You can't leap off a cliff without knowing what's there first. There's gold in them thar hills! That's our time machine. Their journey was documented on the Animal Planet TV show, "Ice Cold Gold." ET on Animal Planet, follows the miners' efforts to make that claim pay off. Lost Gold, Series Premiere, Monday, January 14, 10/9c, Travel Channel. So, is there gold in them thar hills?

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