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mortimer ichabod marker for sale

Probiotics and Prebiotics – Could They Help My Dog? Cosby has made it clear time and time again that believes in the importance of educating the youth of America, but in this show, rather than go about it with the kind of unbridled enthusiasm seen in most children’s programming, Cosby appears sleepy and possibly drunk most of the time, slurring his way through dialogue with the excitement of watching bananas rot. (See about two minutes in to the above video.). Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. Originally held crayons and made noise when depressed to paper. To children of the 1980s and early 1990s, this sound was like the voice of an angel, soothing, familiar, gentle. If shipping to you will require a customs form/sticker, please do not bid. I just listed a Mortimer Ichabod pen for sale on eBay and wanted to let anyone know who may be looking for one to add to their Picture Pages collection. Keep in mind, the one I have here came as part of a set with the videos. Print it out (hopefully on a color printer! So how are you supposed to stumble upon one outside of something like eBay? I think so few were saved because the show is meant for a preschool audience, and so once you are too old for picture pages, why save it? Pictures Pages is one of those things like Mathnet or The Bloodhound Gang -- it was only a small segment of the childhoods of those of us that grew up in the 70s and 80s, but for some reason it resonated enough that we can remember the theme songs even now, 30 years later. It would be much appreciated! Used (normal wear), "Mortimer Ichabod" is a battery operated device from the 1980's children's educational show "Picture Pages" with host, Bill Cosby! This particular Mortimer Ichabod does better as a collectable because the pen no longer makes the full noise. Wow. And inside it says something about an "included non … Of course, the VHS tapes aren’t worth much and now everyone wants the marker. A company called Kusan was called upon to recreate Picture Pages’ closest thing to a mascot. In other words, Mortimer Ichabod is clearly not easy to find, but he also seems to have been available for several years, so with enough persistence, patience, or just plain ol’ dumb luck like what I had, you may be fortunate enough to add one to your own collection, and when you do, it will truly be time to let Bill Cosby do a Picture Page with you. The replica Mortimer Ichabod Markers that were sold for use with the home activity books are indeed rare … Our Tweeps responded overwhelmingly with sympathy and envy. The character on the show is named Mortimer Ichabod and Bill Cosby uses Mortimer to help him teach children various educational and socially responsible lessons on the program. Also, doing impressions of him is one of our nation’s favorite pastimes. !From the early 80's show picture pages with Bill Cosby.This MI marker does not have the back for the battery.Front is in good condition.Back has some yellow discoloration and a few dings .Sound works great.Very collectable and hard to find. Now, not surprisingly, there is not a whole lot to collect if you want to start a Picture Pages collection. Since it was only a slight detour, I decided to pop on by. of course has his own Facebook page. PLEASE NOTE: I only accept PAYPAL for my auctions and do not ship outside the United States. Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Time to get your Picture Pages, Time to get your crayons and your pencils..."From the 1980's children show, Picture Pages, it's Mortimer Ichabod Marker. Thanks for looking, and happy eBaying! Here is a extremely rare store endcap display of Mortimer Ichabod marker picture pages in its original packing box with assembly instructions. As I alluded to earlier, I collect the VHS tapes when I find them cheap. Mortimer Ichabod Marker from Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages, Your ad here, right now: $0.03. OBEY! My, my, that's quite a lot of Picture Pages videos! Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | … Mortimer Ichabod Marker This is the official Mortimer Ichabod Marker. I mentioned Picture Pages on the Twitter last week, because I was looking through some old boxes for a different blog post (the one recalling my DC nostalgia.) We are hot broads who like nerdy stuff. Any chance you could email me a few photos of some workbook pages (or maybe post them online)? noise as it drew. Locate J Bajowoo today. This toy was manufactured as a replica. Mortimer Ichabod Marker. These Picture Pages workbooks are worth it just for the Coz's various insane expressions on the covers! I just found and bought 2 markers on ebay but have no books and can’t recall what they originally costed. Tools Specifically, he was able to make what has been described as a “doodly doo” sound, an ascending or descending scale of beeps and boops as the line was drawn. Kusan Mortimer Ichabod Marker In Box. Very, VERY lucky. Genuine Photograph! While it’s shocking, I did find advertisements that said the Picture Pages tapes were still available in 1994. Sadly, the former owner did not ever use it, but instead, they left me with a piece of ephemera that I’m pretty sure is not all that easy to find. Zippy zop zop doo bee bop Jello-O pudding. }); [CDATA[ A lot of people on Twitter expressed great sorrow at never being able to own their own Mortimer Ichabod. Items in the Worthopedia® are obtained exclusively from licensors and partners solely for our members’ research needs. As Mortimer is pressed to paper to draw, a series of musical … In the early 1980s, Cosby took over the hosting duties of a program called Picture Pages. It is white, with the front face having a color image of Mortimer Marker and the words "PicturePages Inc." by his feet. Mar 13, 2017 - Get the best deals on Other TV Memorabilia when you shop the largest online selection at As I don't have a scanner to put in a picture, I will attempt to describe it as well as possible. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Rare workingMortimer Ichabod Marker ! After I got home, I noticed that the VHS tapes, the workbooks, and Mortimer all fit in rather snugly in the seemingly random cardboard box the seller had given me. America’s number one funnyman and TV dad has to be one of the most recognizable figures on the planet, and while he occasionally says something controversial once in a while, for the most part, he’s beloved the world over. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. ICHABOD ANGELICA MORTIMER SUSANNAH Block Print Child Children Framed Pai. But there’s a lesser known part of Bill Cosby’s career that has developed a rather passionate fan base (and no, I’m not talking about Leonard: Part 6…how dare you even think that). I have seen images of a packaged example that MIGHT have been sold at stores, which you can see here. Mar 13, 2017 - Mortimer Ichabod Marker Picture Pages Bill Cosby Pen Kusan - Store Display RARE! When pressed you can get one beep but not the full sound. I have not put a pen in Mortimer as I had him more for show that as a working pen. I said, “Sold.”. September 5, 2011 13:16, Posted by Well, it seems the price has gone up from around $150 to nearly $300 - well deserved! That's why I went to the trouble of doing this template for you guys. PLUS, this way: Mortimer butt. This is crucial if you’re hoping to follow to follow along with the program, especially when Cosby asks you to flip to page J-5 or something like that. If it seems big an unwieldy, that’s because sometimes, you have to make certain sacrifices to get things perfect, especially if it was the early 1980s and electronics were involved. The Mortimer Ichabod pen was available through mail order in the early 1980's. Plus, you had to put your own marker in the bottom, in a plastic holster that would make the "doodley doo" noises when you pressed down on paper -- except it never really worked all that fantastic. The show works without the workbook and essentially because participatory in the same way something like Sesame Street or Blue’s Clues does, but Cosby references the book and the use of a writing utensil just enough to seem confusing to anyone that doesn’t realize a workbook is required. Rare Mortimer Ichabod Marker For Sale - This item has been shown 0 times. I’ve always wondered what the inside of the workbooks look like exactly. The back is blank, except for a removable panel to insert the batteries. | Entertainment Memorabilia, Television Memorabilia, Other Television Memorabilia | eBay! I’m not the first person to document the rarity and the desirability of this little guy. Did you spend more than $460 to get two Mortimer?

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