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nissan leaf heat pump vs resistance heater

Heat pump is always used except if system detects it being iced up. The obvious advantage to the heat pump is that it uses much less electricity to keep … Nissan LEAF is the first mass-produced vehicle in the world to employ a heat-pump cabin heater. Compressor is capable to draw up to 2500W. Some Leafs have a resistance heater and some have a heat pump. Technology Functionality Gasoline vehicles re-use engine exhaust heat to provide the warm air for the functions of the heater. Thanks to Arnis Tarassu for pointing that out. ] In this scenario outside fans stop and only resistive heater is used. An EV, however, does not have this heat source to recycle and so uses its general power for cabin heating. With 99% probability heat pump is used at temperatures down to -12*C. With 99% probability it is switched off at -15*C or below. [Edit to reflect new info: 2013-on LEAFs have heat pump ("hybrid heater system") in the SV and SL trim.

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