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mobile app. They popped up on PBS one morning amongst the other Saturday morning cartoons. Parc Asterix has 39 attractions in 6 different “worlds” and you also get the added bonus of shows to go and watch throughout your day. There is even a land dedicated to Paris, complete with a mini Moulin Rouge and faux cafes. Hotels near (CDG) Charles De Gaulle Airport, See all 3 Parc Asterix tickets and tours on Tripadvisor, View all hotels near Parc Asterix on Tripadvisor, View all restaurants near Parc Asterix on Tripadvisor, View all attractions near Parc Asterix on Tripadvisor. We really enjoy the time. My mother walked in the room, watched them for a few minutes, then popped in a video cassette to tape them. Hot dogs on baguettes and slurpees are sold every few feet, as well as ice cream and pretzels. Search for a topic, destination or article, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. attractions. And a huge shower! This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in Singapore. Set off on a stunning circuit 30 metres high and reaching over 80kmph! He stared at Astérix. I tried my best to order tickets but broke and asked if they spoke English. Since French humor is highly visual, he giggled as the Roman soldiers crashed into one another and as Obelix let out gas after devouring an entire boar in the Attention Menhir attraction, a “4D” film of Astérix and Obelix. Parc Asterix can be crowded, so we recommend booking e-tickets ahead of time to secure your spot. This means that the wait is virtual and that you can do other activities during this waiting time. The first land of Parc Astérix is an entire recreation of their village. Located roughly 30 kilometers from Paris is Parc Astérix, a sprawling theme park that has been open for 30 years. For these a part is submitted to the Filotomatix system. A sales clerk, who sold me an Astérix coffee mug, informed me that there was an Astérix and Obelix theme park in Paris, which I vowed to visit. Every Gaul’s favourite theme park, close to Paris. We had very enjoyable experience to visit Parc Astérix. As a result the queues were very manageable and so we got to do, This is a great theme park and very easy to get to - you can drive from Calais (just a couple of hours, and the park is right on the motorway), or fly to CDG and get a 20 minute Uber trip from the air, Autoroute A1 BP8, 60128 Plailly, Chantilly France, I had heard a lot bout the parc and the kids were very excited to go. Animals are not accepted at the Hotel Les Troix Hiboux, Hotel La Cité Suspendue and Hotel Les Quais de Lutèce. As an Egyptian-American, I was amused by the sultry Cleopatras, fake pyramids, and entire rollercoaster dedicated to Anubis. The problem is that you really need the pass rapidos to be able to get on the. There is also a bobsled coaster and a gentle train coaster designed to take you through the imaginary land of Egypt, both easier on the stomach if loops are not your thing. 45 minutes to 1 hour you are on the most popular attractions. Parc Astérix, one of France’s major parks, continues to grow. I hadn’t thought of Astérix and Obelix for years until I went to Montreal and learned that they were wildly popular there. In addition to all them park facilities, we were very enjoy theater show: Gaulois- Roma, We visited on a week day when it was quite rainy and so the park was quietish but also quietened off as the day went on due to the rain. The. While I have some knowledge of French, my husband has none. Jamila, Excellent all around: parc, hôtel, ambiance, We went for a package of 2 nights and 2 days as a family with a 12 Yr old and a 6 months old baby. Both spaces are as stereotypical as Egypt land but, again, are reflections of the characters’ time there. Inside Parc Asterix. Especially when it involves confronting Le Cheval de Troie! Good spent time. Freewheel to your heart’s content in an authentic Gallic bobsleigh! A chair. We bought 2- another 70 EUR and with that the kids had 8 rides they could do. However, since Disneyland Paris was designed by Americans and is rooted in American culture, it’s simply not as French as Parc Astérix. Some of the other dining choices were unique to Parc Astérix, such as roasted boar, Obelix’s favorite meal. Also known as The Adventures of Astérix, this cartoon and comic strip follow Gaulish warriors (aka French vikings) as they battle the Roman Empire. What’s the difference between French and Italian bread? The price is a bit high for a little kid who is not admitted to many of the attractions because of his height (not saying he would like to go :-)) After all, we spent an amazing day here, worth to visit! Entrance tickets currently cost S$110.21, while a popular guided tour starts around S$259.33 per person. I immediately ran up to get my picture taken with him. They might be. We left Egypt land to enter Greece land. Smoking areas are apart and well indicated so nice for the non smokers. 21 drinking games you can play in any bar, Colorado’s new Palisade Plunge is the ultimate mountain bike mega-trail, Where to eat in Paris without breaking the bank, Kissimmee, Florida: Headwaters of the Everglades, Fairfax County, Virginia: Connect with America, The amazing maker and doer community of Gilbert, Arizona, France’s Loire Valley overflows with elegant castles and flawless gardens, A river cruise through Provence, France, has all of the sights with none of the rush, The Louvre, closed due to coronavirus fears, has just reopened, Stroll these underrated arrondissements for a local Paris experience. Compared to Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix is significantly cheaper. We left the village, walking into a land entirely dedicated to Egypt. Though virtually unknown to Americans and other foreigners, it is beloved by the French as it is dedicated to a French icon: Astérix. “Sort of,” I replied. better located or using some bright colors maybe. attractions are really varied and fun! Over the next few years, I watched the tape over and over until my father taped over it with a soccer match. We can all practice.”. Sanitary measures of the highest standards have been put in place across all the attractions, hotels, restaurants and shops. Take a deep breath, you’re in for a bumpy ride! The antics of Astérix and Obelix are rooted in French humor — the characters are highly visual and undergo many coincidences. 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The park is big, there are signs to lead you to the attractions but I was still quite lost. Located roughly 30 kilometers from Paris is Parc Astérix, a sprawling theme park that has been open for 30 years. “Yes,” the clerk replied. I managed to communicate the best I could, but the second we hit Parc Astérix I became concerned that my own French would not suffice. From classic big dippers to an inverted coaster and a Gallic bobsleigh: at Parc Astérix, there’s plenty of adrenaline to go round, and each attraction is different. Some options are no different than that at an American theme park, just with a French twist. The Parc is full of little areas of shade and water play, or fountains, or little mini towns with shade. For a charge kennel services are available (€15) near the entrance to the Park. How much do Parc Asterix tickets cost in 2020? He liked all attractions compliant with his age, there are quite a lot of them for the little ones which is not always the case. Even though we had spent the past few days visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame, Parc Astérix offered us the most insight into French culture. Granted, Disneyland Paris is two parks (and you can choose to go to one park) and is larger than Parc Astérix. The Anubis rollercoaster, known as Oziris, is an inverted coaster that features three loops though it is not the only roller coaster in the park that seems to defy gravity. You need to arm yourself with courage to go down in history. In the show, Astérix and Obelix visited Egypt in the 1960s. But that won’t last long! We both giggled as we did our best to communicate. The a/c also made a big difference in the night. More information. Thatched roofs, cobblestone roads, and numerous souvenir shops line the streets. Get ready for a unique experience. Since their premiere in 1959, Astérix and Obelix have spawned 13 films, numerous games, and multiple comic books. Great organisation, the building is beautiful and well themed all in wood with great details. Egypt land is a reflection of how France of the era viewed Egypt, something that would likely be flagged for cultural appropriation in America. Located roughly 30 kilometers from Paris is Parc Astérix, a sprawling theme park that has been open for 30 years.Though virtually unknown to Americans and other foreigners, it is beloved by the French as it is dedicated to a French icon: Astérix. I was unsure if we were meant to be snot or if the nose was an inside joke only known to French people. Tourists do not often visit Parc Astérix, so most of the people we met were French locals. Full of adrenaline and lovely emotions :) Disable people are welcome.:). Hopefully you won’t end up shipwrecked... but the boat is reeling dangerously! There were a few rides that had no discernible connection to Astérix and Obelix, including L’Oxygenarium, which started off on a raft that takes riders through a gigantic nose. From classic big dippers to an inverted coaster and a Gallic bobsleigh: at Parc Astérix, there’s plenty of adrenaline to go round, and each attraction is different. Parc Asterix, Plailly: See 8,102 reviews, articles, and 3,678 photos of Parc Asterix on Tripadvisor. Goudurix is a steel coaster with a whopping seven loops and a perilous drop. The parc in it self is quite nice and relatively clean. My English is bad too. I first came across Astérix and Obelix as a child. ). L'image d'Obélix se trouve en background pour mieux gérer sa disparition sur mobile. A giant, goofy-looking sphinx stands on one end alongside a statue of a cartoon roman soldier holding a sign directing you to the nearest pizza parlor.

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