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rimac concept one specs

Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. And at 258 miles per hour, the active air brake will come handy too. The aerodynamically shaped lights work together with openings in the carbon-fibre bumper and rear diffusor as the Concept_One cuts through air at speed. Hugging the body in bespoke leather trim, the seats position the driver low and close to the centre of gravity of the car, emphasising the chassis information that goes through the drivers lower back and into his arms. The Concept One was 1224 horsepower on a good day. Our tools include a mobile app, charging cost calculator and EV selector. Bien sûr en Europe, on est plus habitué au test du km départ arrêté, mais ce temps est absolument incroyable. Crash structures are formed from carbon fiber and aluminum, and the body itself is pure carbon fiber. But while covering all engineering bases from "bolts to bytes" sure is impressive work, Rimac's own cars are even more so. With its electro-hydraulic steering system, the Concept_One stays true to a pure driving experience and motorsport heritage. 100 % électrique, hybride, hybride rechargeable, Kezako ? Contrairement à la plupart des véhicules él… Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Un couple de 1600 Nm 5. un poids de 1850 kg La Rimac Concept_One est équipée de 4 réelles roues motrices, chacune associée à un moteur. NEDC : Comment est calculée l’autonomie des voitures électriques, Tshirt Tesla, Casquette Tesla, Sweat Tesla, Accessoires Tesla Model S et Tesla Model X, Aston Martin Rapide E se dévoile (un peu). Copyright 2015 - 2020. by Goosen Wynand | Aug 3, 2020 | Newsletter | 0 Comments. } The Concept_One’s battery pack is designed to deliver 1MW of power during acceleration and to absorb 400 kW during braking. Design follows function as the diffusor fins conceal the reverse and fog light. Incentives and … And it takes full advantage of the Concept_One’s silent moves. Rimac All Wheel Torque Vectoring is a unique system that creates a new driving experience by utilising the advantages of independent wheel drive of the Concept_One’s four-motor powertrain system. While the Concept_One was an ultra-limited edition of technology demonstrators, Rimac's second model will be a proper production car that's globally homologated, and expected to be built in at least 150 examples. The same artificial intelligence will provide intervention and active safety as ‘ADAS’ (advanced driver-assistance system) while on the road: from collision risk prediction allied to automatic emergency braking and evasive control, to blind-spot monitoring, to lane-keep assist and fully adaptive cruise control including traffic pilot functionality. }. Contrairement à la plupart des véhicules électriques, chaque moteur de la Rimac Concept_One est associé à une boîte de vitesse automatique à 2 rapports. Still, weight distribution remains nearly ideal at 48 percent front, 52 percent rear. Le véhicule peut ainsi passer d’un mode “neutre et calme” à une configuration “circuit”. A unique liquid thermal management and low-resistance conducting system had to be developed in order to master this challenge. The bodywork’s aerodynamics follow the simple rules of balanced efficiency. All controls in the interior are beautifully crafted mechanisms similar to the world’s best watches, with hundreds of individual components, carved from solid blocks of metal. Each surface and air intake serve a delicately balanced purpose – performance and efficiency. We hate spam just as much as you, so be assured we will only send you one email a week with real news. As a specialist technology company with the ambition to become a major OEM supplier in the EV era, Rimac is already a 300-person-strong powerhouse. When it's time to get all that power under control, it's got 390mm Brembo CCMR carbon ceramic brake discs and six-piston calipers on both the front and rear axles. The system provides unseen flexibility and grip by controlling each wheel individually one hundred times per second. Thanks to their bespoke solutions, the Croatian team has built up its resume by working with such companies as Koenigsegg, Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover, and Renault, as well as Siemens and Magna Steyr. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Use wattEV2Buy’s proprietary tools to find the ideal EV for your requirements and determine the cost of charging EVs. With a total output of 913 kW (1,241 PS; 1,224 hp) and an acceleration time from 0–62 mph (0–100 km/h) in 2.5 seconds. On vous laisse la découvrir en images en attendant la suite. The Concept_One’s beautiful rear lights serve many purposes – including aerodynamics and cooling. Why not? The front wheels get power through a pair of independent single-speed gearboxes, while at the rear, a couple of two-speed, carbon-clutched gearboxes take care of the peak torque of 1696 lb-ft. This engineering masterpiece enables us to control each wheel independently, hundreds of times each second, in both directions, delivering an unforgettable driving experience. As Rimac explains, the C_Two features a full carbon fiber monocoque with bonded carbon roof, integrated battery pack and rear carbon subframe. La concept One a été présentée au salon de Francfort 2011 et au concours d'élégance de Paris en 2012. Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) In terms of raw numbers, the car produces six gigabytes of data per hour of driving, and six petabytes in 1000 hours. Exciting doesn't even begin to describe it. Each beautifully hand-crafted light is equipped with a unique ventilation system to insure a clear and sharp lens projection. The car will even adapt its characteristics according to the prevalent weather conditions, changing strategy during, for example, fog or heavy rain. padding: 1% 0 0 0 !important; La Rimac Concept_One est équipée de 4 réelles roues motrices, chacune associée à un moteur. The 1224 HP Rimac Concept One Paves The Future. Lorsque Mate Rimac s’est attelé à la Concept_One, il a agi comme les équipes de Tesla pour la Model S : en réinventant la voiture, partant d’une feuille blanche.

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