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the legend of zorro anime episode list

Zorro gets the ring back and Lasal promises not to be deceived again. He has a ledger containing all of the hidden crimes he committed with the Spanish army.

The cannon is stored on top of a mountain and heavily guarded by massive walls, numerous soldiers, guard dogs, and traps. Toronado is captured and Resendo uses him to trap Zorro. Diego and Bernard are traveling out of town when they come across an army roadblock with a too happy Commander. To lure Zorro they steal money from Don Carlos in a fake investing venture. Zorro is outside the house waiting for the bandits and takes back Prideaux's money, but he too is hypnotized by the ruby and gets injured in the process.

Lieutenant Gabriel sees a small boat and realizes that Cekita may be on other shore preparing to meet it.

She is a former acquiescent of Diego and claims that Diego offered his hand in marriage. Diego, refusing to watch idly, disguises himself as Zorro to protect the weak and oppressed. The town attends a welcome home party for Lapaz, a young man who attended the same school in Spain as Diego. This two-part episode originally aired as one hour-long episode. The kids get caught, Zorro goes to rescue the kids, the kids destroy the operation, and the day is saved. A dying child's wish inspires the Alcalde to capture Zorro. Zorro (Diego) arrives to stop the execution and helps Cekita and his wife to run away. After exposing them and defeating them Zorro tells Lolita that the man that truly cares for her is coming. Diego plans to trap the bandits. When the shopowner mentions he can't compete, Lolita offers to catch the fake perfume makers herself.

Zorro whispers to Bernard that he has already marked all the barrels with a “Z” sign. The new priest, with whom Diego has been corresponding, arrives in Los Angeles, but his subsequent actions arouse Diego's suspicions. While on his day off, Gonzales finds and rescues a young woman being attacked by debt collectors.

She still loves her deceased husband however and continues to wear the famous and expensive wedding ring he gave her.

[2], Buena Vista Home Entertainment also released both seasons in colorized versions (Season One in 2006 in five separate volumes and Season Two in 2009 in a boxed set). Diego's fencing master, Sir Edmund Kendall, arrives from Madrid. Diego warns Lolita that the man is not what he seems but she refuses to listen. McCrea decides to help Diego/Zorro upon realizing they have been safely hiding the family from the army. The Alcalde's twin brother causes trouble for Zorro. During a severe drought, the Alcalde monopolizes the pueblo's water supply. Robbers instead steal the townspeople. In the end, SITC is forced to close and the real perfume maker is able to continue his business better than ever. Zorro gives the Alcalde fencing lessons to defeat a swordsman terrorising the pueblo. 5: The Gay Caballero (Episodes 55-58, guest-starring, Vol. Zorro vows to clear Lapaz's name and find the true criminals.

Zorro arrives and stops the bandits. ", Diego's childhood friend and sweetheart, Lolita Prideaux, believes that Spain changed him and she scolds him relentlessly for his idiotic behavior. 10 Diego has become a ghost! The third assassin overhears them and follows them to the designated spot. Zorro fights off sharks, saves Lolita, and exposes who sabotaged the ship. He wants to take the president and the ledger back to Spain to the CEO to be held accountable. Lolita is a sweet-tempered girl who wants to fight evil and protect the people by helping Zorro from behind the scenes. "Extraordinary Zorro") is an Italian-Japanese anime, based on the western character Zorro. Diego and Senor Sanchal are both predicted to have bad luck and both ignore the warning. Victoria searches for a farmer she helped get released from jail. In this battle, Zorro gets hurt and almost loses until the clown he befriended saves him. 6: The Man from Spain (Episodes 66-69, guest-starring, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 12:35. Diego and Sergeant Mendoza try to save an innocent man from the gallows.

Lolita meets Diego at the ship and he helps her to hide them but failed. Zorro has to save Victoria, who has been taken captive by a gang of jailbreakers from the Alcalde's very overcrowded jail. Gabriel plans to help catch the arsonist to impress Don Carlos and Lolita. Zorro (Diego) catches the arsonist as he is about to burn another warehouse and forces him to confess where Lolita is being kept. Zorro eventually saves the grandfather from a second assassination attempt and clears his name.

He destroys the cannon and is rescued by Bernard. Lolita and Diego go shopping and discover that a lot of fake money is being traded and causing conflict. When the fight begins, however, Zorro refuses to fight women - so Lolita grabs a gun to expose the imposters and help Zorro defeat the criminals. Happy that he managed to do this feat he returns home. Lolita's friend is sick and asks Lolita to take her place as a dancer. The third assassin tries to kill Zorro and Zorro escapes. The roadblock was established to stop her from coming to town. Zorro rescues Lolita and the circus clown gets his resolution. Lolita, Diego, Bernard, and Figaro are all ready to head back home after their visit to a neighboring town. She refuses and instead vows to become the best blacksmith she can be. It's revealed that Lieutenant Gabriel hired the bandits in an attempt to be a hero for Lolita while also framing Zorro.

5 Father's Secret 6 A trap with a red jewel 7 An heiress to property 8 A guitar to kill 9 Let's find the pirate treasure! Disguised as Zorro, a masked swordsman, he helps the weak, riding away on his horse, Viento. The bounty hunter captures the president and the ledgers and returns to Spain. Zorro leaves a note for Arrow to find that leads the army to a setup. A bunch of teenagers want to fight the army for justice just like Zorro.

Zorro arrives to interrupt them. She then volunteers to help. The South India Trading Company has open a hospital with new doctors.

The townspeople are building an embankment (dam) during the storm season for when the river overflows. Zorro defeats the arsonists, clears the name of the boy's father, and resolves the wheat shortage. They charge exorbitant prices and one of their doctors decides to expose them as corrupt. They promise to meet each other later. A wealthy couple is on the way to a ball dressed in their finest clothes and jewels when suddenly, a magical thief attacks their carriage and steals their jewels.

Little does Diego know that the army has contracted an assassin within the circus armed with a magical amulet to kill him.

Fourth season episodes 10-13 released as a video "A Conspiracy of Blood" with some extended footage. A female blacksmith decides to make her deceased dad proud. Diego, Bernard, and Gonzales find the grandfather injured on the road and bring him back to Amelia for treatment. Turns out, Lapaz got into gambling debt in Spain and had debt collectors come after him. The kids get caught sneaking around and get captured.

When Sergeant Mendoza wins 5,000 pesos in the Alcalde's lottery, the Alcalde tries to cheat him of his winnings. Don Alejandro's old love has returned to the pueblo, with her violent and supposedly dead husband not far behind. Diego's father, Don Alejandro, is appointed temporary Alcalde and tasked with the job of capturing Zorro. A new inventor is in town who has created a mechanical knight named Max. 1: The Secret of El Zorro (Episodes 49-52, guest-starring, Vol. The Alcalde employs an Indian to track Zorro. Zorro, knowing the trick behind the ninja magic, is able to corner Hachisuka. In 1800, California is under The Spanish Empire. While everyone is baffled from this a gang of thieves starts to steal from people. When she spots the fake salesmen on the street, she gets caught in the back of their wagon and gets taken to the "all-female" convent where the illegal operation is taking place. After investigative work, it is found out that the marriage was a ploy to extort money from the Vega family.

This is a list of episodes for the Zorro television series that ran from 1957 to 1961. Lolita interrupts them and snaps her parents out of it.

Zorro makes a plan where Bernard saves Barbara's life and she fondly takes him in.

Both are sung by Masaaki Endoh and are used for all aired episodes. Zorro and little Zorro go rescue the governor while Lolita fires a machine gun. Zorro is able to free Lolita and captures one of the magical knives. With his final breath, Emilio instructs Diego as he defeats the third assassin. Arrow's father discovers his son's betrayal and throws him out. They decided to fight to the death at dawn. [3],,,, Lists of action television series episodes, Wikipedia articles without plot summaries from November 2018, Episode lists with unformatted story or teleplay credits, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Vol. Diego suspects the new mysterious guitar player that's in town. The South India Trade Company had contacted 3 of the best assassins from around the world to finally kill Zorro. The debt collectors come back and trap Zorro in a net in the overflowing river. The bounty hunter is better skilled and badly hurts Zorro. Zorro and the bounty hunter fight. At night, Diego catches people sabotaging the submarine. Bernard gets teased by his friends for being scared and takes up a dare to go up the mountain.

These bandits are being paid by a liquor seller, Brown. He claims to be the son of the Duke of Spain and his fame spreads even more. The carts pass through a mountain pass. The Alcalde tries to recover a stolen gem for himself. With the shortage of wheat, the South Indian Trade Company has increased the prices of grain leaving many hungry. A woman claims to be Felipe's mother, but Victoria is suspicious. He fights the villain, rescues Lolita, and clears his name by making the bandits confess to the army.

McCrea is now an author who got permission from the King of Spain to do a book on Zorro and to get assistance from the army on the topic. Emilio cannot kill Diego and the third assassin fires poison darts. Zorro helps an Amish family persecuted because of their beliefs. Lolita removes the bullet and bandages Diego. A gang of thugs harasses Lolita and Diego pretends to be weak and useless to keep his identity a secret. Little Zorro is caught and is trapped inside the house. Lolita runs away and Gabriel kidnaps her. The Army agrees and Gabriel loses. He decides to rescue the stray dog and name him Figaro. She decides to test her sword-making skills and parades as Zorro. Kid invents hang gliding. Zorro and Little Zorro survive the explosion by hiding in a vault and retrieve all the money stolen from Don Carlos. Lolita safely arrives home. Zorro is stunned and he gets defeated by him. The army arrives and blames Zorro for the robbery. Lolita and the kids get invited to join her on the first dive underwater. A man calling himself El Conejo poses as a tax collector. Everyone at the party is insistent on going to watch the execution. The trading company tries to get the doctor to join but he refuses to work with them.

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