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tunnel of love ukraine facts

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Surely, this must have been intentionally designed by a team of landscapers, right? This was a low-tech, yet highly effective way of masking supply routes to feed the rapidly industrializing Soviet Union.

The train from Lviv to Rivne takes just under 3 hours in total. In this entire length, the tunnel stretches up to 5 KM. The selected text has limit of 300 characters. Ironically as well, the railroad that once helped to keep military secrets away from the West is now being used to help the West by assisting in transporting wood panels to Western markets.

The train track along the Tunnel of Love was initially used in the Cold War to transport military equipment to a nearby secret military base, and the trees were planted beside the track to provide ample coverage so the operation would remain secret. All About Ukraine's National Dish! Whether it’s the capital city of Kyiv, the infamous Chernobyl reactor site, or even just the hordes of pretty girls that walk the streets each day, foreigners will find plenty to keep them busy in Ukraine. The Tunnel of Love Ukraine. The neatly “trimmed” appearance of the tunnel is thanks to a prospering business which operates 24/7 at the far end of the track. The Tunnel of Love (Ukrainian: Туне́ль Коха́ння, Tunel Kokhannya) is a section of industrial railway located near Klevan, Ukraine, that links it with Orzhiv.

Mykola Havrylevych is one of four train operators who drive the famous route. Quick View. This is the reason why Tunnel of love in Ukraine is special. $1,430.05 per adult. Because of this, one does not usually think of "love" when picturing a tunnel, but that is what many people think of when they first lay their eyes on the magnificent trees that enclose a railroad track forming the Tunnel of Love in Kleven, Ukraine.

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Ukraine is known all around the world for having some seriously amazing attractions things for tourists to enjoy.

Unfortunately, it typically arrives at 4:00 AM, meaning you’d be best off checking into a hotel for the night before heading to the tunnel. You can book your train tickets in Ukraine with this website.

During Soviet times, trees and other shrubs were planted around railways to prevent them from being seen by aircraft and other forces hostile to the USSR. Your email address will not be published. It’s been left in all of it’s untouched, accidental beauty. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

See more. Today, we’re talking all about this beautiful site that every visitor to Ukraine should see.

Visitors travel from around the world to see the famous tree tunnel running through the small western town of Klevan. This is the Odek plywood factory, in the village of Orzhiv. What makes this railway unique is that it is completely covered by trees from all angles. If you’re feeling particularly cheap, you can take a marshrutka (or a minibus) from the Klevan train station. Not in Ukraine. Coordinates: 50°45′03″N 26°02′46″E / 50.7509°N 26.0461°E / 50.7509; 26.0461, Cumulated length of OSM ways 349575892, 416369692, 183417953, 349575891, Тоннель любви / tunnel of love Ukraine 2013-02-16, "Tunnel of Love in Klevan, Ukraine, a Fairytale Train Track", "Unused Railway Track in Ukraine Forms Tunnel of Love [PHOTOS]", Reportage: In the Tunnel of Love (June 2017), 10 Most Fascinating Tunnels (cool tunnels) - ODDEE, Tunnel of Love in Ukraine at,, Articles containing Ukrainian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 May 2020, at 01:18.,,, Walking along a track in the Tunnel of Love is (apparently) quite romantic!

$1,833.40 per adult.

", All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, The Eiksund Tunnel – the World's Deepest Undersea Road Tunnel, Here's Some Startling Facts About Divorce Rates In America.

As such, the trees have “learned” not to grow too far into the path of the railway.

Tell the bus driver that you want to be let out at the tunnel of love. With a toot of the horn, the Odek factory train sets off. The “Tunnel of Love” is kept neatly trimmed, not by of the movement of the military, but by industrial freight trains operated by the Odek plywood factory, in the village of Orzhiv. Birch trees from across Ukraine are … According to Ukrainian Halyna Savchyn, the tunnel is a sense of pride.

Needless to say, I’d suggest just considering doing it on your own.

It has it's roots from the Cold War because the trees were originally planted to hide Soviet Union military secrets. Which Country Has The Most Lakes In The World? As the train nears Klevan, Havrylevych keeps a sharp eye on the track.

The name was given by locals for this fairy-tale track.

"It's something beautiful, and it's ours. During the rest of the times the railway tracks through the tree tunnel becomes a lovely stroll especially for couples. ... then turned into plywood panels. The railway line starts at Klevan station and goes to northern area of Orzhiv.

Major part of the railway line is covered by forest.

Besides just taking pictures, merely experiencing walking through the 1.83-mile-long tunnel can be a fantastic experience for anyone who loves nature walks. Trains are rather infrequent, passing by only a few times a day and the site is hugely popular with tourists.

Our hero is a young Polish engineer.

The railway line starts at Klevan station and goes to northern area of Orzhiv. Your email address will not be published. Believe it or not, it’s only been in recent years that the greater public has discovered the existence of the Tunnel of Love. Let us Explore Tunnel of love. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not the train ride itself that’s the attraction, but rather the path of the train itself.

The above travel guide will get you to and from there with no problems whatsoever. Any time a branch grows even a few inches too far, it is quickly cut down by one of the passing trains on the route. The Tunnel of Love is a 5 kilometer stretch of industrial railway in Western Ukraine. The line starts at Klevan station, on the Kovel-Rivne line, and reaches the northern area of Orzhiv, also served by a station on the main line. The whole line is about 6.4 km long.,[note 2] and about 4.9 km[note 3] is covered by forest, within which this tunnel stretches anywhere from 3 to said 4.9 km, depending on how individuals count it. Powered by. Your email address will not be published.

But, getting to Rivne from any of Ukraine’s major cities will require a trip on the country’s rail system. The tunnel is a 1.83 mile walk with pently of opportunities to take photos. For 23 year old Halyna Savchyn, who traveled with her friend from their home town of Chernivtsi for this photoshoot, the tunnel is a source of pride for a country battered by current events. This fairy-tale track happened naturally.

Tunnel of love is a section of industrial railway which is near Klevan in Ukraine and it links Klevan with Orzhiv. Needless to say you won’t find this during the winter months, although a picture in snow seems quite the magical experience as well.

Tunnel of love is a section of industrial railway which is near Klevan in Ukraine and it links Klevan with Orzhiv.

The Tunnel of Love is a semi-abandoned railway line in Klaven, North Western Ukraine noted as being the most romantic place on earth. Copyright © 2019 Expat Ukraine. The Tunnel of Love is located between the tiny village of Orzhiv and Klevan.

Conclusion – Is Visiting Ukraine’s Tunnel of Love Worth it? If you’re concerned about safety, don’t be. Not a tree has been touched since.

There the containers will be transferred to a freight train and hauled west along the main trunk line.

But the factory managers know that the tunnel they have helped shape is now bigger than their own authority.

The train route is largely used by the Odek Plywood Factory for transporting finished pieces of plywood harvested from Ukraine’s native birch tree population to the Klevan Railway Station. The Tunnel of Love is open to the public during all seasons. Venomous Golden Lancehead Of Brazil's Snake Island: Why It Must Be Left Alone? Allegedly the tunnel of love is widely famous in Ukraine, and many newlyweds, as well as Couples, …

A young Ukrainian couple walks hand in hand along the railway line. Trees around the railway were left to grow on its own and train passing back and forth 3 times a day shaped it into a tunnel according to its size. (This summer scene was photographed in 2012).

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